The recent quarantine period saw many of us spending more time at home and often doing more laundry than usual. As a result of this increased use, the dryer vents in our homes began to accumulate more debris. Have you taken care of your dryer vent since? Not cleaning these vents can lead to a host of potential issues. If your dryer vents from the roof, how often do you need roof dryer vent cleaning?

How Often Should You Get Roof Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Performing annual inspections and cleanings on your roof-located dryer vent is essential for its proper functioning. This is the same general schedule for cleaning any other vents in your home. However, there are some occasions when you might consider having your vent cleaned more often than once a year.

For example, if you have a large family and do more laundry than average, you might need more frequent cleaning. Pets can also contribute to the buildup of hair and dander, especially if you have long-haired pets or several of them. Additionally, the type of clothing you dry can also affect the frequency of cleaning. Heavier materials that shed more lint require more frequent cleaning compared to lighter fabrics.

Signs to Watch For

Some other indications that you need to have the vent cleaned include:

  • Your dryer is starting to take more than the usual time to finish
  • You smell burning, or your dryer seems really hot
  • You’re noticing dust collecting around the vent connection at the dryer
  • Your dryer keeps turning itself off (usually to avoid overheating)
  • Water is leaking from the dryer (because the vent is damaged and the clothes aren’t drying)

FAQ About Your Rooftop Vent

Is Neglecting a Rooftop Vent Dangerous?

Venting a dryer through the roof can potentially lead to the accumulation of moisture and mold in the attic, and blockages from lint buildup can pose a fire hazard to the roof itself. In some cases, venting through the roof may be the only option available, but you need to keep up with cleaning rooftop vents particularly, as their placement makes it more likely that a clogged vent could cause a safety issue.

If you’ve recently moved into a new place, or if you’re just learning that rooftop vents aren’t ideal, consider getting a dryer duct reroute so your dryer vents as efficiently and safely as possible.

Do I Need Professionals to Clean It?

Professional cleaning is particularly vital for a dryer vent on the roof. Not only are there extra risks associated with not doing a thorough job of cleaning a rooftop vent, but working on the roof is always dangerous for anyone without the right training, experience, and equipment.

Furthermore, the process of cleaning requires removing the vent cover and caulking, which must be done carefully (and carefully replaced) to avoid any damage to the roof.
When you need your rooftop dryer vent cleaned right, contact the experts here at Dryer Ducks.

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