Has your dryer started to take longer and longer to dry your clothes? Have you noticed your clothes smell funny when they come out of the dryer? If so, it may be time to address your dryer’s performance . Here’s what you need to know about routine dryer maintenance to keep your operation safe, clean, and efficient. 

How to Keep Your Dryer Operation Safe, Clean, and Efficient With Routine Dryer Maintenance

Clean Your Lint Screen After Every Cycle

It is absolutely essential that your lint screen is cleaned after every cycle. If your lint screen is not properly cleaned, your dryer will be much less efficient. If not maintained, there is a strong possibility a dryer fire will occur. To clean your lint screen, you only need to pull the screen out and remove the pet hair and other debris with your fingers. Every quarter, you should clean your lint screen to eliminate dryer sheet residue.

Clean Your Lint Trap

It is also important that you clean your lint trap periodically. To clean your lint trap, remove the screen and use a vacuum cleaner or dryer lint brush to remove any lint built up in the trap itself. This should be done at least every 12 months. It may be beneficial to clean more often if your lint trap is exceptionally dirty. The cleaner your dryer is, the more efficient it will be.

Clean Your Dryer Drum

Cleaning your dryer drum is another very important step you must take to keep your dryer maintained and operating as safely and efficiently as possible. To remove any dryer sheet residue inside your dryer drum, use a small amount of rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth. Once the dryer drum is clean, allow it to dry thoroughly before you run another load of laundry through the dryer.

Have Your Dryer Professionally Inspected and Serviced

It is very important that you clean your lint screen after every cycle, clean your lint trap quarterly, and clean your dryer drum annually. However, it is also very important that you have your dryer professionally inspected and serviced. During a routine inspection of your dryer, we will check the vent cap outside your home to ensure it is clean.

Often, dryers stop working as efficiently as they once did because snow, dirt, or lawn debris are allowed to build up around the vent. If the vent cap outside your home has debris built up around it, air can’t flow freely. This can also contribute to a less efficient dryer. We will also check your exhaust vent. Like lint trap cleaning, exhaust vent cleaning is a very important fire prevention step.

There are several maintenance steps that must be taken regularly to keep your dryer operating as safely and efficiently as possible. Among these routine maintenance steps are cleaning your lint screen, cleaning your lint trap, cleaning your dryer drum, and having your dryer professionally inspected and serviced. If you can’t remember the last time your dryer was professionally serviced, schedule an appointment with us today at Dryer Ducks.

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