It’s important that you have clean vents in a house to preserve the integrity and efficiency of its HVAC system and air quality. Regular maintenance appointments are critical to maintaining the best home air quality, but this process isn’t an easy DIY. Hire a professional service to clean your vents; the process is quick, efficient, and requires no extra work on your part.

When to Clean Vents In a House

If you’ve never had your home’s vents cleaned, recently purchased your home, or are otherwise unsure if they’ve ever been cleaned, it’s time to schedule professional vent cleaning. If you suffer from asthma, have moderate to severe allergies, or have underlying health conditions, it’s even more important that you make sure your home vents are clean because, if they’re not, they will make your conditions worse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Professional Vent Cleaning Make a Mess?

You may think that removing all that dust, dirt, debris, and buildup from your vents will put your home at risk. The good news is that there’s no mess with professional HVAC air duct and vent cleaning. The technicians use state-of-the-art HEPA filtered vacuums to clean your vents and will ensure that the dirt doesn’t contaminate your environment.

They will loosen the dirt with soft nylon brushes through an agitation cleaning method and use the HEPA filtration system to suck the dirt into the vacuums. This professional process ensures that your home stays clean, your vents get cleaner than ever, and your air quality improves immediately.

How Long Does It Take?

Residential HVAC vent cleaning typically takes a few hours to complete. The total appointment time from start to finish depends on several factors, including the size of your home, the number of vents in your home, and the amount of dirt in your vents. If you want the technicians to perform additional services like dryer duct or bathroom vent fan cleaning, it will increase the length of your appointment.

During the process, the technicians not only use a gentle agitation process to remove dirt and buildup from the vents, but they also hand wipe each cold air return and vent. You can find out how long your specific cleaning service will take when you request an estimate.

Do I Need To Leave My Home During the Appointment?

You are not required to leave your home during HVAC vent cleaning. However, the process will create noise, so you may want to make alternate plans to avoid disruptions if you work from home or have small children who are sensitive to loud sounds. As long as the technicians have the freedom to move throughout the house uninterrupted, you can choose to stay or go during the process.

Are There Any Other Vents in My Home That Need Cleaning?

While it’s important to have your HVAC vents cleaned, it’s also important that you perform regular dryer duct cleaning. If you don’t clean your dryer ducts, you increase the risk of a dryer fire due to lint and debris obstructions that restrict airflow. Restricted airflow increases lint and moisture buildup and will decrease the efficiency and safety of your dryer.

Don’t wait any longer to make the appointment that will help you feel more confident about the efficiency of your HVAC system or dryer ducts and the quality of the air in your home, and, ultimately, your health. Contact us today at Dryer Ducks to learn more about our different services and schedule your cleaning appointment.

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