Furnaces require regular maintenance for safety, and an important part of that care is furnace vent cleaning. Without regular cleaning, vents can become clogged and become a fire hazard.

Sparks and Fumes

By their very nature, furnaces can throw out sparks or release fumes that can start a fire if there’s any flammable material in the area. Dirty furnace air ducts are full of one of the most flammable materials in the ordinary home: dust.


Clogged vents can also cause furnaces to run too hot, and too much heat can also cause dry, flammable material to combust. Dust in the vents will also eventually make its way down near the heat exchanger of the furnace, where it can drop onto the exchanger itself.

Filter Collapse

In a worst-case scenario, clogged vents can put too much strain on the system, causing it to work harder and longer. This pulls more dust into the filter than normal, shortening the filter’s life. If the filter gets too clogged, and the homeowner isn’t aware, the filter can actually collapse and be sucked into the furnace cabinet, which can start a fire.

Preventing Furnace Fires

The best ways to prevent any issues with fire are to keep your air duct system cleaned out and schedule regular HVAC maintenance to catch problems early. Don’t be tempted to clean your ducts yourself: choose a professional duct cleaning company. When ducts aren’t cleaned in the right way, more loose dust can actually accumulate and get sucked deeper into the system, near the heat exchange, where it poses an even greater hazard than it did before you started.

How Often to Schedule Furnace Vent Cleaning

Most people only need their air ducts cleaned once a year at the very most, and some people can do it once every three years. There are a few factors that can make more frequent cleanings a good idea for your ducts:

You Have Pets

Pets shed, and some shed a lot. If you have properly sealed ductwork and are religious about changing your filter, this might not be a big issue, but have professionals come out and take a look so you know where you stand.

Your Home Is Old

Newer homes tend to be sealed better than older homes, which means less dust and dirt from the outside coming in. If your home is drafty, then you likely need your ducts cleaned more often.

You Have Allergies or Asthma

If someone in the home is especially prone to allergies or struggles with asthma, consider getting your ducts cleaned more often. Everyone will breathe easier.

You Are Changing Your Filter Often

If your filter seems to get clogged sooner than you expect, you probably have more dust in the home (or in the nearby environment) than normal. This usually means more frequent duct cleanings are in order.
A furnace fire is frightening to contemplate, but regular duct cleaning is a great way to prevent a fire. Schedule cleaning with Dryer Ducks and get peace of mind for your home.

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