Ducts in your home are often out of sight and therefore out of mind. It’s no wonder then that most people rarely, if ever, have their ducts cleaned. Dust and debris get pulled into your duct system and settle inside the walls of your ducts. How do you know when your ducts are dirty? You’ll often notice minimal airflow coming out of your vents. If you’re not getting a blast of fresh air, it’s time for HVAC duct cleaning.

Perform Regular HVAC Duct Cleaning

Dust and debris in your ducts impede airflow and can contaminate the air in your home. How does this happen? Particles eventually get stuck somewhere on the sides of your ducts. This usually happens where two pieces of ductwork meet and the seam sticks out slightly, catching debris as it passes by. Over time, debris accumulates on these spots, slowly reducing the interior diameter of your ducts. Duct cleaning undoes this process.

Your HVAC system cannot overcome a blockage easily. This is because your home’s ventilation system is massive, and the main fan from your AC unit or your furnace can’t produce enough static pressure to push through a clogged duct. When you have your ducts cleaned, physical tools are snaked into the ducts to knock dust off and suck it out of your system. You can also have your ducts disinfected to reduce the likelihood of viral particles circulating in your home.

Don’t Forget Dryer Ducts

Many people forget that they have a second duct system in their home: their dryer ducts. This is the hole in the wall that you connect your dryer to, which pushes hot air out of your home. However, it also pushes out tiny particles that come off of your clothing. Dryer ducts tend to clog much faster than your HVAC ducts due to their smaller size and the higher volume of debris flowing through.

Clogged dryer ducts force more of the hot air into your home, which means your dryer is fighting your AC in the summer. Furthermore, the cloth particles that get released into the air can be harmful to your health, especially when you’re working in the laundry room. Dryer lint is also a fire hazard, so having your dryer ducts cleaned regularly is a good idea on multiple fronts.  

Consider Rerouting Ducts

Rerouting ducts can also improve airflow. Tight bends can limit airflow and cause temperature differences throughout your home. You may also need to reroute ducts to accommodate new construction. A dryer duct, for example, might blast air, dust, and noise right onto your brand-new deck. Move the duct first.   

Check Air Filters and Keep Ducts Clean

Your air filter also needs to be replaced regularly. If you don’t keep up with this basic maintenance, you won’t feel much air coming from your ducts. Most importantly, after you have your ducts cleaned, keep them that way. Perform regular cleanings to make sure dust doesn’t build up and block your airflow in the future.

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