Your HVAC system is the respiratory system of your home. As it moves air throughout your house, all manner of dust and debris move with it, depositing along the inside of the ducts. When the system starts up again, the fans will blow whatever is inside the vents back out into your home and the air that you’re breathing. Cleaning your home’s air ducts is a vital service that gets rid of all those lingering pollutants.

1. Your Health Is Your Most Valuable Asset

Over time, dust and other contaminants build up in your vents. The material provides a home for viruses, molds, fungi, and bacteria. Inhaling these pathogens will make you sick over time, which is unnecessary and avoidable.

The dust itself is also unhealthy because it’s something that your body will have to work to get rid of. If you or anyone in your family have allergies, dirty ductwork will irritate and (in cases of extreme buildup) incapacitate people suffering from a variety of ailments.

2. HVAC Repairs Are Expensive Annoyances

Your home ventilation system is designed to push large amounts of hot and cold air through your home very quickly. When your ducts are covered in debris, the dust and other materials will have nowhere to go but inside the complex machinery of your furnace and air conditioner.

This will significantly reduce these appliances’ performance and lifespan. Your next breakdown will come much sooner, leading to a hefty bill and downtime that could make the peak of summer or pit of winter very uncomfortable or even dangerous.

3. You’ve Never Had an Air Duct Cleaning

Perhaps your home is very new, or maybe you’re a new homeowner and have not yet learned about every necessary home maintenance task. HVAC duct cleaning is an important aspect of caring for your home. A duct cleaning should be on your “due diligence” list when moving into a new house.

4. Unfortunate Infestations

If you’ve had trouble with insects or rodents in your home, they’ve likely spent some time in your air ducts. They shed harmful germs and dander just by moving along the ducts and also leave droppings that will infect your air with dangerous bacteria, viruses, and even parasite eggs. Yuck. 

5. Water Damage in the Home

Mold colonies from water damage in any area of the house create spores that travel through the air to find new places to grow. Cleaning your air ducts gets rid of spores before they have the chance to spread to locations far away from the initial leak.
Air does a great job of staying out of sight and mind. When relaxing at home, we are breathing about 15 times per minute, rarely thinking about any given breath. We also tend to ignore the ventilation ducts that influence and deliver those lungfuls. Air is a thing that absolutely nobody can do without, and its purity matters. Consult the experts at Dryer Ducks so you can breathe easy.

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