If you’ve never replaced the filters in your HVAC system or don’t know when they were last changed, let alone ever, it’s time for air duct filter replacement. Air duct filter replacement is an important part of home maintenance. These filters filter out contaminants, dust, hair, allergens, and pollutants, among other airborne particles. Not only do they help your HVAC system operate optimally, but they also maintain the pure air quality in your home.

Air Duct Filter Replacement: Do I Really Need to Change My Filters?

When that little notification on your thermostat pops up with a message telling you it’s time to replace your air filters, it’s tempting to ignore it or even bypass it. It’s easy to brush off the notification because accessing those filters may be difficult, you don’t know what kind of filters to get, or you may not think the filter actually needs a replacement. However, leaving dirty air filters in your system affects your health, your finances, and the operation of your system.

Health Reasons

One of the primary purposes of an air duct filter is to filter your air. Clean air is important to your health, and if your air duct filter is dirty or creating a clog, your system won’t be purifying your air as it should. Living in a home with impure air may contribute to allergy issues and respiratory concerns.

Financial Reasons

Forgoing replacing your air duct filter will also affect you financially. When your filters are dirty, it forces your system to work harder to function normally, which requires more energy. The excess energy output may not seem like a big deal until your energy bill shows up.

If you’ve noticed higher energy bills but haven’t changed how you live or knowingly used more energy, your system may be working harder than it needs to because of a dirty air duct filter. Regularly changing your air duct filters can help you save money and keep your system running as it should.

Operational Reasons

If you don’t regularly change your air duct filter, that dirty filter can make your system work harder and become less efficient. When your system isn’t efficient, it has to put forth extra energy, which can then cause operational issues with the entire system. Dirty filters restrict airflow, which puts extra stress on the system, which now has to work twice as hard to perform the same job.

An overworked HVAC system is at risk for other issues, which will cost you more money in the long run than were you to simply switch out your air duct filter in the first place. Simply changing your air duct filter can help protect your system, keep it functioning efficiently, and help you get the most life out of that system.

If you’re not sure where to find the right air duct filter, how to change it, or how often to change it, that’s where we come in. Our professionals can take care of this entire process for you. Contact us today at Dryer Ducks to schedule your air duct cleaning service so that you can feel confident in your home air quality, your energy bills, and the operation of your HVAC system.

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