Home washers and dryers are a convenience that many people take for granted. However, these appliances need some attention from time to time. It may be time to take action by scheduling a dryer duct cleaning service and inspection. We can help you identify a better way to reroute your dryer duct and what to expect during the process.

5 Things to Expect When You Reroute a Dryer Duct

1. Inspections Are an Important First Step

The first step in rerouting a dryer vent is to inspect the current one. Even though you plan to do away with it, the old vent can provide important information, so we’ll start by taking time to look for disconnections or obstructions in the existing line that would signify a potential problem.

2. Dryer Duct Cleaning Service

You will want to remove the buildup inside the vents so that it doesn’t affect your home’s indoor air quality. Technicians will use brushes and suction to remove and dispose of the accumulated lint safely. If a large amount of lint is identified during the initial inspection, you may need a thorough cleaning instead of new ductwork installed.

It’s a good idea to schedule regular dryer vent cleaning services so that lint doesn’t continue to build up. Many homeowners are horrified to see the amount of buildup inside their dryer vent, and with good reason. In addition to affecting your dryer’s performance, dirty vents are also serious fire hazards.

3. We’ll Identify the Most Efficient Route

You want the dryer to vent along the most direct path. In some cases, this is a straight line through the home’s exterior. However, that isn’t always the case. Regardless of your home’s layout, we’ll work to find the most direct and efficient way to reroute your dryer duct.

4. This May Require a New Exterior Opening

If the new ductwork will exit the house in a different location, we’ll need to make a new exterior opening. This should be placed so that it remains clear throughout the year with no obstructions from landscaping or outdoor furniture.

Additionally, the existing hole will need to be sealed and covered. Depending on its location and the exterior finish of your home, this can add significantly to your project’s total time and cost.

5. The Dryer Will Work More Efficiently

This is a huge bonus that many people overlook. Shorter and more direct ductwork means the dryer has a much easier time getting rid of moist, hot air in your clothes, which means they will dry quicker. If that weren’t enough, it could also help push utility bills down — a double win.

Regular inspections, cleanings, and, if needed, rerouting the vents can help keep your dryer running at its best. Contact Dryer Ducks today to learn more about having your dryer vent rerouted. We can perform an inspection and help you design the right vent configuration for your home.

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