Time and attention are stretched thin these days. With so much to worry about, you may be overlooking problems of the “I’ll get to it later” type for the sake of the “right now” type. One of those problems that seems small but has big consequences is the clear passage of heat and exhaust fumes from your clothes dryer to the outdoors. Here are some tips for determining if a dryer vent clog has become one of your “right now” problems.

1. One Year Has Passed

Experts in home maintenance and fire prevention both prescribe cleaning your dryer vents once a year. Make vent cleaning a matter of annual maintenance alongside testing your smoke alarm and cleaning your gutters.

2. Your Dryer Vent Clog Is Visible

Take a look at the exit point of your dryer vent outside. If you see a build-up of lint, then it’s time for a cleaning. Remove the hose that connects the back of your dryer with the vent in the wall. If the hose is full of lint, there’s a very good chance that the rest of the line is clogged as well.

3. Burning Smells Near the Dryer

If you smell something burning in or near your dryer, turn it off immediately. The dryer vent is meant to send excess heat out of the appliance and your home. The heat can build up to the point of ignition if lint loiters in its path. A fire inside of the wall is as bad or worse than a fire outside of the wall.

4. Your Clothes Take Too Long to Dry

If the load of clothes that you put in hours ago is still going, you have a dryer problem that goes beyond wasted time. While mechanical issues with the machine can cause this issue, a long dry time is an excellent reason to begin a search for vent clogs.

When lint clogs your dryer’s vent, air does not flow through the machine properly, and it cannot dry your clothes as designed. If drying time for a normal load of clothes goes beyond 45 minutes, it’s time to begin looking for the cause. Looming lint should be at the top of your list.

5. Excess Heat in Clothes and Dryer

We all love the cozy feeling of bed sheets warm from the dryer, but if you have to wait for your laundry to cool to touch it safely, something is wrong. If you find that the outside surfaces of the machine itself are too hot to touch, you have a problem. These problems are caused by the heat that drys your clothes getting stuck inside because the duct is too blocked to send it outside.
A clogged dryer vent can have consequences far beyond damp clothes. Lint is extremely flammable, and the majority of home fires are caused by a failure to keep the dryer ducts clean. Keep your property, family, and self safe by scheduling an appointment with Dryer Ducks today.

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